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The diffusion of innovation model (Everett Rogers 1962) identifies categories of customers who adopt products at different stated of the product life cycle.












These are a small number of people (2.5%) who will buy simply because the product is new. However, this does not mean that the product will be popular.

For Source, the innovators were those that built their own electric vehicles.


Early Adopters
These are a group of people (13.5%) who are willing to try new products before they have acheived wide-spread acceptance. They are often regarded as opinion leaders. It is very important for a product to be accepted by this group of people as these are the people that will influence those that are in the 'Problem Recognition' and 'Information Search' stage of their purchase decision process.

For Source, the early adopters are those that purchased the early models of Electric Vehicles


Early majority

This group are a cautious group (34%) who will only adopt a product once it becomes socially acceptable. Acceptance by this group will determine whether the product will gain widespread acceptance and succeed as a mass-market product.

For Source, this early majority are those that are willing to wait until more realistic vehicles are brought to market i.e. Nissan LEAF

Late majority
This group (34%) are even more risk-adverse than the early majority. They will only consider adopting a product after they are absolutely sure that they are going to like it and it's not just a fad. This is when a product is well-established.

For Source, this will be when there is a second hand car market available for electric vehicles.



Thistimid and cautious group (16%) are those that resist the new product and will probably never adopt it.

For Source, these will be either outright objectors to the idea of an alternative fuel vehicles.


It is important to consider this model when understanding the decision making process. The Early Adopters and the Early Majority are going to be the groups that are likely to complete the decision making process and purchase the Source London membership product. The Innovators are going to be crucial to the influence that they will have on the purchaser and the Late Majority group may interject and negatively influence through their cautious approach. All these groups must be considered.