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It is important to understand the opinion leadership when considering communications.


Opinion formers, leaders & followers each have their role in communication and adding credibility to our message.

Opinion leaders


This is a peer that can influence the message to the audience but not seen as an expert in their field. They may pick up their information from the media or may comment on blogs. Their credibility could be improved by linking the blog to SL. The environmental bloggers and EV owners that are vocal in the media space are essential to communicate with so that we can address any issues that they may be having.


Opinion formers


This is someone that is knowledgeable in their field. This may be derived from their job, status, qualification or first-hand experience. For SL this would be the vehicle manufacturers, owners or car journalists.


Opinion followers


This is the majority of the public that are associated with consumers searching for information for guidance from sources such as the media.


Communication can be improved by engaging with relevant opinion formers & leaders. Case studies of EV owners (opinion formers) and SL members should be included on the website so that potential customers can see that EVs are a real alternative to petrol cars. Using the Mayor of London as an opinion leader will also be effective as he can provide gravitas and influence.